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How should I start my conversation with my mentoree?

Posted on Tue, Mar, 08, 2011

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written by Ranae Mogensen

For some mentors, conversing with their mentorees can be a simple task.  However, other individuals may find it a little more difficult when they sit down with their mentorees.  It has been said that a good way to start your conversation is to discuss the task or topic that you are dreading the most to speak to your mentoree about.  By doing this, you are allowing the mentoree to fully discuss their concerns and allow an ample amount of time to discuss the task or topic.  If you wait until the end of the meeting to bring up the topic, you may leave your mentoree feeling frustrated, or leaving the meeting with a sense of being rushed if they did not have the opportunity to ask all the questions they wanted to.  Time management is the key to success.