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Dr. Seuss Mentors First Graders

Posted on Fri, Mar, 18, 2011

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In schools across America this month, students are celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday

I was in my son’s first grade classroom this week and learned that they are studying Dr. Seuss as both an author and as a mentor

While I was there, Mrs. S. asked her students, “What is a mentor?”  One little boy in the front row raised his hand and he said, “a mentor is a person you can learn from.” 

We all can learn a thing or two from first graders. Keep it simple.

Dr. Seuss was an author, but he was also a mentor to many, many other authors--including this classroom of eager 6- and 7-year-old aspiring authors.   

Mrs. S. asked the boys and girls to think about who Dr. Seuss is as an author and how they could learn from him as a mentor. Here are some of their ideas:

Dr. Seuss is a writer who rhymes, who makes up characters, who makes people laugh with his words, pictures, and characters, and who uses his imagination.

The assignment for the students was this:  write a story of your own, using Dr. Seuss as your mentor. Let Dr. Seuss’ work guide your work. 

I was amazed at the stories the children wrote. Their imaginations flowed, their rhyming words were fun, and their characters were out of this world. 

Ask yourself, how would you describe your mentor? If you jotted down 4 or 5 descriptions about your mentor, are there some qualities there that you could emulate?   And if you are a mentor yourself, are you someone that a person can learn from?  Generations later, Dr. Seuss still is! 

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I'd love to hear some of the adjectives and phrases you use to describe your mentor -- leave them in the comments.

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