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American Idol Mentors

Posted on Mon, Mar, 21, 2011

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Have you heard of this little show called American Idol?  Ever thought about how some of these kids are able to shake off their nerves and sing in front of millions?

Mentoring plays a huge role in the most popular show in America.

I recently watched an interview with American Idol Vocal Coaches and Associate Musical Directors Dorian Holly, Debra Byrd, Michael Orland, and Matt Rhode. During the interview, they said that their role as mentor to the contestants was to provide lots of positive encouragement and to provide a safe place where the contestants know they are not being judged.  

Byrd said that during their time with the contestants, they are building trust. She went on to say that the relationships build naturally over the hours they spend together.  

Orland said that “even more than vocal coaching, we become like a parent, a psychologist, and a friend” with the contestants. 

Are you in a mentoring relationship?  If you are a mentor, do you feel that you are providing an environment that is a safe place where your mentoree knows he/she is not being judged?  Are you encouraging and providing lots of positive reinforcement?

Byrd said that more than anything, her role as mentor is to help the contestants present themselves to the planet to show their talent. Now, maybe your mentoree is not presenting themselves to the planet on the big American Idol stage, but why not help them to present themselves in a way that makes them shine?


If you would like to see the American Idol Mentoring video clip, click here.

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