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Core Values

Posted on Mon, Apr, 11, 2011

Just yesterday I was giving a presentation to a potential client and at the end the person said:  "You really need to add your core values to your presentation as they are important."  It's the first time I've ever had someone make that suggestion and what a great one at that!  Too often, I think, we create core values and they sit on a shelf and are never really used to convey to others the basic principles by which we operate our business or our lives.  Here was a potential client telling me that it was important for his company to feel that my core values as a mentoring consultant were in sync with his company's core values.  You can bet that I quickly looked up his core values and was happy to see that we did share a lot in that area.  So, if you haven't looked at your core values recently, perhaps it's time to dust them off the shelf and bring the power they bear to your interactions in the marketplace and at work!

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