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Description of a Successful Mentoree

Posted on Mon, May, 02, 2011

What makes a good mentoree?  Here are some of the most important characteristics that a mentoree can possess:

  • Has a focus for the mentoring relationship.  This means having some idea of what s/he wants to get out of the relationship and the types of goals to achieve.  It's not necessary to have a complete map, but certainly the mentoree should spend some time prior to his/her first meeting with the mentor on what areas they want to develop.
  • Is willing to listen to what the mentor has to offer and accept assistance that is necessary to accomplish one's goals.  This requires a certain amount of humility.
  • Is able to be assertive when needed so as to engage honestly in the relationship.  This means being able to assist the mentor to change his/her approach with the mentoree when the relationship is not as helpful as it should be.  In support of this, we recommend that both partners agree at the beginning of the relationship on how to give each other this kind of feedback.
  • Follows through on commitments made in terms of accomplishing the goals that have been mutually agreed to.  
  • Is appreciative of the time and effort that the mentor is committing to the mentoree's development.  Although a thank you is great, it's even more important to provide feedback to the mentor on how they have been helpful.  

Many times people think first of the qualities that a mentor should possess.  It is also important for a mentoree to focus on his/her characteristics and what s/he brings to the mentoring relationship. Are you a mentoree?  Have you ever thought of it this way?  We would love to hear your comments.

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