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Inspirational Mentoring

Posted on Fri, Apr, 29, 2011

A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could. ~ Unknown

I just came across this quote as I was doing some research on mentoring and I wanted to share it because, to me, it encapsulates  an important role mentors can play in a mentoree's life--expanding the possibilities!  We all have tunnel vision about ourselves in some form and it's a great catalyst and motivator when someone we respect encourages us to reach beyond our expectations.  Words like: 

"I know you can do this."

"I know that there's a risk involved in doing this, but I'll be with you through the process and I believe strongly that you are going to succeed."

"Look how far you've come and you can go so much further with the abilities you have."

One of the reasons mentoring is so powerful and transformational is because of the personal interest the mentor takes in the mentoree's development and the faith s/he demonstrates in their mentoree.

Be sure to remember some of these inspirational words the next time you sit down with your mentoree. A little inspiration can go a very long way. I know you can do it!

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