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Posted on Wed, May, 11, 2011

I frequently get asked for available mentoring resources and I just recently came across a DVD from  The video is unique in that it uses an actual mentoring pair involved in a real mentoring program in the United Kingdom.  It's a 60 minute DVD and a brief description follows: 

"The DVD follows the two as they work through essential steps in establishing a solid mentoring relationship.  While the DVD allows viewers to select from a menu of chapters, I found it most valuable to follow the order presented on the disc.

First up, the mentor and partner engage in a "first meeting" discussion.  Often a puzzle to new mentors but key to success, the first meeting serves a number of purposes.  it is the time to determine where to meet, an opportunity to break the ice, identify expectations and topics for discussion, clarify roles, review confidentiality guidelines, and establish a contract.  Most importantly, it is the time for the mentor to demonstrate the skills of active listening, sharing ideas, asking powerful questions, and generally engaging in skills that empower the partner to place high value on the meeting.

The DVD continues on to show excellent examples of active listening, asking different types of open-ended questions, summarizing, being comfortable with silence, using body language appropriately, and exploring the different media of communication."

Not having seen the DVD myself I can't vouch for its quality but it appears to be well reviewed.  The cost is approximately 547 UK pounds plus VAT which roughly translates into $905 US dollars plus tax.  If any of you do purchase the DVD I would welcome your review/comments.

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