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Fired by her Mentor

Posted on Tue, May, 17, 2011

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Star Jones, the Celebrity Apprentice fired by Donald Trump last week left the show making an interesting comment.  In her exit interview, Star stated "I've now been fired by two of my mentors on national television" (Star claims Barbara Walters fired her from The View in 2006).

One of the most important points we make at Management Mentors when assigning mentors with mentorees is that the the pair not have a direct-report relationship.  It is vital to the honesty, trust, and integrity of that mentoring relationship.  One of the goals of the relationship is to develop a trusting bond over time.  The mentoree needs to feel he/she can bring any problem or issue to the table when meeting with his/her mentor.  

Although Star Jones is a celebrity, and the Celebrity Apprentice is a television show made partially for entertaining the rest of us, she does have feelings.  It has to hurt to have someone you aspire to be like say those ugly words "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Don't allow mentorees in your company to be in that vulnerable position.  Pair mentorees with mentors from different departments where their mentor has no connection to the mentoree's direct job. The mentoree will have the ability to be honest and open with his/her mentor and will get maximum benefit from a corporate mentoring relationship.

And your company will, as the saying goes, get the biggest bang for its buck!

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