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Engaging the Talent Within

Posted on Thu, Jun, 02, 2011

When I was a board member with my former employers, we would present an issue and we would share ideas/solutions and sometimes we'd ask:  "Who in the company would be able to add to this idea/solution?"  A simple but powerful statement.  What would happen if managers at all levels and even employees asked that question more often?  In reality, we are all experts in a number of areas and it's this expertise that brings value to an organization.  Recognizing this, more and more companies are attempting to access this wealth of expertise using social networking software tied to talent development.  We've recognized this trend for some time which is why we've created our CoachingComplete online system.  

Engaging employees is another term that is being used more frequently. What better way to engage employees than to have them share their expertise and also gain further expertise through a coaching/networking system.  If you had such a system, the question: 

"Who in the company would be able to add to this idea/solution?"

would be answered by: 

"Let's search the database!"

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