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Online Mentoring Program Manager Certification Course

Posted on Fri, Jun, 17, 2011


If you are managing a mentoring program or are being tasked with creating and implementing such a program, where do you go to learn how to be an effective Mentoring Program Manager? At Management Mentors, we created Mentoring University to support professionalism in mentoring.  

We are pleased to announce that as of today, has added a new course:  Mentoring Program Manager Certification.  This course addresses all of the basic steps needed to create, implement and manage a program.  It covers the following points:

Section 1:   Overview of Mentoring

Section 1(b): Mentoring & Diversity

Section 2: Role of MPM

Section 3: Best Practices in Design

Section 4: Best Practices in Implementation

Section 5: Best Practices in Matching

Section 6:  Best Practices in Training

Section 7: Best Practices in Program Management

Section 8: Best Practices in Program Evaluation

Section 9: Challenges Faces by MPMs

To take this course, go to and click on Buy Now. Select the course titled:  Mentoring Program Manager Certification and follow the instructions.

As you develop your expertise further through this course, don't forget to visit to look at further resources that can prove valuable to anyone managing a mentoring program.

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