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Posted on Mon, Jun, 20, 2011

As I stated in an earlier posting, we now offer an online coaching system.  As a result, we have changed the name of our blog from Corporate Mentoring Matters to Corporate Mentoring and Coaching Matter to reflect this change.

We will still be primarily focused on mentoring in our blogs but will be providing some coaching insights as well.  As you know, coaching and mentoring work well together.  Combining skill or knowledge acquisition from a coach with the trusting relationship provided by a mentor to provide support and insight into one's development is a powerful way of maximizing your investment in your employees.  

The Center for Coaching and Mentoring provides this summary of these two roles:

"Coaching and Mentoring are not the same thing. Our results and experience support the conclusion that mentoring is a power free, two-way mutually beneficial learning situation where the mentor provides advice, shares knowledge and experiences, and teaches using a low pressure, self-discovery approach. Teaching using an adult learning versus teacher to student model and, being willing to not just question for self discovery but also freely sharing their own experiences and skills with the partners. The mentor is both a source of information/knowledge and a Socratic questioner. If I am your coach you probably work for me and my concern is your performance, ability to adapt to change, and enrolling your support in the vision/direction for our work unit."

If you have had any experiences with a corporate coaching and/or mentoring relationship, please feel free to share them by commenting below.

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