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Friends and Mentors at Work

Posted on Thu, Jul, 07, 2011

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When perusing my social media accounts I often find myself reminiscing over the workplace friendships I created and have maintained over the years.  

Have you ever been part of a group of people that accomplished something so great, so ground-breaking, or just so completely satisfying that it tied the group together permanently? These are the types of work-friendships I am referring to. 

In a former life, I was involved in tradeshow logistics. I had the planning aspect of getting our employees to the tradeshows and scheduling their time when they were there. Someone else was in charge of getting the machines there and setting them up. Yet another couple of us were charged with marketing for the show, and so on. When said show came together, the feeling of accomplishment as we walked out on the show floor was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. With me were the people that I worked with side by side for months to achieve that feeling of success. Those coworkers-turned-friends will always hold a special place in my heart and I know that if we were ever fortunate enough to work together again, great things would happen.

Corporate mentoring has the same effect. By pairing mentors and mentorees together, the desired outcome is to create a feeling of accomplishment by both parties, as well as by your entire company. Do you feel like your company could use a boost in employee morale? Could you all benefit from working whole-heartedly with one common goal in mind? Is "employee retention" a term that is used often in your company?  If so, is it said positively or negatively? 

We have heard so many success stories by mentoring pairs and companies that have used corporate mentoring to boost the energy within their company. We would love to hear yours too.  

It is said that the average person spends more hours in their lifetime at work than at home with loved ones. Be sure to create an environment that adds to your overall quality of life. A corporate mentoring program may be just the place to start!

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