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The Commandments of Mentoring

Posted on Fri, Sep, 16, 2011

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For the Mentor:

1. Facilitate not clone.
2. Uniqueness is important.
3. Consistency is critical
4. Faking it is not making it. Provide honest feedback.
5. Empower rather than solve.
6. You are not responsible- you have shared responsibility.
7. Appreciate what you’re giving.
8. It’s not coaching; it’s mentoring.
9. Honor your limits and boundaries.
10. Listening is hard but advice is easy. We could all use more listeners in the world.


For the Mentoree:

1. It’s your job, not your mentor’s job.
2. Think commitment, not lip service.
3. Show up for the relationship.
4. Give back and get more.
5. Keep expectations realistic.
6. It’s risky, but it’s healthy.
7. Be yourself; we already have everybody else.
8. Don’t be afraid of your mentor’s silence.
9. Pay it forward.

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