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X Factor Judges Mentor Contestants For Future--Not Just For The Show

Posted on Wed, Sep, 21, 2011

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He’s back!  Simon Cowell’s big return to primetime television with his new American TV show, The X Factor, premieres tonight on Fox

Whether you love him or you hate him, no one can deny that he does make for interesting water cooler conversation. Simon Cowell Mentor

In a recent interview by Digital Spy, Cowell talked about the importance of mentoring the contestants of The X Factor:


"‘It is a necessary part of the format that you really do mentor these contestants. It's not just what you do during the show, anyone can mentor, the point is can you mentor someone through the show and actually create a star?’ Cowell illustrated the importance of good mentoring by referencing British band One Direction, who he mentored on the previous season of The X Factor UK. ‘They didn't win, they came third, but they'll have the biggest selling single this year and the biggest selling album,’ he said. ‘That's what I call proper mentoring, where you are preparing someone for the real world.’"


Preparing someone for the real world. Cowell hits the nail right on the mentoring head! Mentoring is not an act that is meant to just get the mentee through the current situation, but to prepare them for all that lies ahead. Job, career, goals and aspirations…this is your mentee’s future. You have the opportunity to have such a positive impact on what is yet to come for him/her. Don’t just go through the motions. Do it right. Be an inspiration. Listen. Guide. Direct. Teach. Mentor!

That’s what Simon Cowell says he and his fellow judges will be doing this season on The X Factor. He subliminally suggests this will be the difference between this show and that other little show he used to be on. Aww, come on, you know the one! 




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