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Posted on Wed, Oct, 26, 2011

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Management Mentors hosted its own Internet radio show: “Mentoring Matters: Mentoring in Today’s Business World” on VoiceAmerica Business.

Now you can download our radio show in digestible 12-minute segments...all for FREE (podcasts are MP3 format). We will give you one show at a time with some tips that you will learn by listening to each podcast. Sit back, listen, and be sure to comment or send us any questions you may have.

Click here to download Podcast Show #1: What Is Mentoring? Mentoring vs. Coaching

Some questions that will be answered during this show:

  • Does having a mentoring relationship ensure career success?
  • What is the biggest obstacle a mentoring relationship encounters?
  • For a mentoring relationship to be successful, does there need to be chemistry between the two partners?

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