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10 tips to help you be the best mentoree you can be!

Posted on Mon, Oct, 24, 2011

10 tips for mentorees
  1. Be the driver in the relationship. Your mentor is there to assist you, not do it for you.
  2. Be prepared for each session. Use an agenda if it's helpful. 
  3. Always have a topic for discussion or a question ready that will stimulate a conversation.
  4. Know the boundaries around contact: how often you can meet, what phone calls you can make beyond your regular meetings, emails, etc.  If you don't do this at the beginning, you may end up underutilizing or overutilizing your mentor.
  5. Be honest with your mentor and with yourself. Mentoring is the perfect relationship in which to share your shortcomings and concerns in a supportive environment so take advantage of it.
  6. Be open to your mentor's perceptions, opinions and feedback.  You need not accept everything that is shared, but at least be willing to listen to it.
  7. Share with your mentor how s/he is helpful. This will give the mentor a sense of what they can do for you and they will be encouraged to do more.
  8. Say thank you. It doesn't get said enough.
  9. Don't be afraid to say "goodbye" when the time comes. Some relationships last a long time while others do not.  If you feel it's time to move on, let your mentor know. Tell them that what they've given you is allowing you to move on at this point.
  10. Have fun! Not everyone is lucky enough to take part in a mentoring program. Remember to relish in what may be the opportunity of a lifetime!
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