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Management Mentors Podcast #3 - Diversity and Mentoring

Posted on Wed, Nov, 02, 2011

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How do we define diversity? What role does diversity play in a corporate mentoring program?

Diversity in the workplace has many different definitions...some broad and some narrow. Consider these definitions of diversity. How do you think they may relate to a mentoring relationship and an overall mentoring program?  Then take a listen to our third in an eleven-part podcast series: Diversity and Mentoring.


  • Uniqueness of all individual with different personal attributes
  • Encompasses values
  • Encompasses organizational roles
  • All the ways we differ as individuals including thought styles, religion, socio-economic status, appearance, nationality, age, gender, ethnicity, physical appearance, sexual orientation, and education
  • A set of skills or attributes which allow a person to respond effectively and appropriately to a situation
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