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Management Mentors Podcast #4 - Diversified Matches

Posted on Mon, Nov, 07, 2011

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Have you had a chance to download any of our Voice America internet radio shows available as podcasts (mp3 format)?  

This week, check out our next podcast in the series, Podcast #4 - Diversified Matches. Our guests on this podcast include Mentoring Program Managers and Diversity Managers who have led successful mentoring programs in the US and the UK.

Along with our guests, Management Mentors Founder and President, Rene Petrin, will be answering questions such as:


  • Is mentoring cloning?
  • Do you match people who are alike?
  • Do you match people who are un-alike?
  • Why?
  • What are the benefits of matching one way or another?


These podcasts are available in an easy MP3 format. Listen when time allows you and learn something new about mentoring and diversity today!

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