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Looking for Guest Bloggers to Write About Your Mentoring Experiences

Posted on Thu, Aug, 02, 2012

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Attention all bloggers!

(....and those who have dreamed of owning that title!)

Do YOU have some thoughts on mentoring that you would like to share? Management Mentors is interested in your experiences on all things mentoring. If you would like to share your stories about mentoring with other readers in our community, please submit yourmentoring blogging blog to

Your blog must be educational, not promotional.

We would love to feature YOU as our next Guest Blogger!*


Blog ideas:

• Do you have a mentoring success story?
• How have you incorporated diversity into your corporate mentoring program?
• Benefits and challenges faced in a group mentoring program?
• How has your company tackled succession planning using a mentoring program?
• Does your company use a combination of mentoring models (one-on-one, group, self-directed, peer to peer, etc.)? How does that work for your company?
• Are you a mentoring program manager? What has worked for you in this role and what has not worked for you?
• Are you a mentor? Name 5 tips that you have for other mentors.
• Have you had a successful mentoring relationship? Why do you believe it was successful?


Be creative and have fun! We are really looking forward to reading what you come up with; and we are willing to work with you if you feel like you have the ideas but they are not translating to paper as easily as you had hoped.'s time to get those creative juices flowing and start writing!


*Management Mentors reserves the right not to publish all blogs submitted to us.

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