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Management Mentors Podcast #9-Finding A Mentor

Posted on Wed, Dec, 07, 2011

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Finding a mentor can be daunting. In Management Mentors Podcast #9, Finding A Mentor, you will hear from two guest speakers from, along with our very own Rene Petrin, who will all share their advice about the importance of finding a mentor.

There are many different reasons to find a mentor. By finding a mentor and beginning a mentoring relationship, you can go from being an employee to a great worker who is really contributing and interested in the company, as well as your own career development.

You have to be proactive about it. Mentors don't come find you! You have to believe in yourself enough to know that this is important for your career or for your personal development. And you should work hard at maintaining that relationship and make sure that you get something out of it.

Don't know where to start? Download our FREE (mp3 format) Podcast #9 FINDING A MENTOR today and listen when you have time. The podcast comes in four easily digestible 12-minute sections. If you still have questions about how to find a mentor, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to help you on your mentoring journey.



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