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Pros and Cons of Group Mentoring

Posted on Wed, Feb, 15, 2012


A model of mentoring that doesn't get a lot of press is group mentoring. 


group mentoring



How do we define group mentoring? 

Generally 3 or more mentorees who meet with one mentor once a month or once a quarter.  It's not as common as one-to-one mentoring but can be effective if done properly.  So let's look at the pros and cons.




  • Good when you have fewer mentors to meet the mentoree pool requirements.

  • Allows not only the mentor to be helpful but one's peer mentorees can also provide assistance in development.

  • Builds relationships with all the participants; can also help break down silo mentality and increase one's network within the organization.

  • Excellent model to involve the highest levels in the organization and avoid the power politics that occur at that level of mentoring.


  • Does not provide the intimate relationship that occurs within a one-to-one mentoring model.

  • If not done properly can end up being more of a coaching group as opposed to mentoring.

  • Requires a mentor to understand group dynamics in order to be successful.

Each of the above cons can be mitigated by proper training and managing expectations.  So, if you've never thought about group mentoring, maybe now is the time.  

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