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Executive Mentoring 101: How It Differs From Other Types Of Mentoring

Posted on Wed, Apr, 04, 2012

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Have you heard the term Executive Mentoring? Executive Mentoring

Executive Mentoring is mentoring that takes place with executives from the highest level of the organization who are involved as mentors.

Mentorees who are involved in an Executive Mentoring relationship have the opportunity to reap major benefits that they may not have in other types of mentoring relationships.

Some of these benefits may include:

  • Executive Mentoring offers the possiblity of fast tracking a career;
  • Executive Mentoring allows the mentoree to have a real global vision of the organization;
  • Executive Mentoring may foster a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of the organization;
  • If Executive Mentor moves to another company, he/she may want to take mentoree along.

The mentoree is not the only one who can profit from this mentoring relationship. Among the benefits that the Executive Mentor may experience are:

  • Groom someone for future development;
  • Get a perspective of the organization from the mentee’s level;
  • Sense of doing good.

It is important to note that the power that Executives bring to the table can be intimidating to many mentorees, even more so than with a traditional mentoring relationship. Also, like all other mentoring relationships, there must be a clear understanding from the start of what the mentor does with the information he/she gains from the mentee.

***Important Rule Of Thumb: Executive mentors should not have influence over performance management/performance reviews of the mentoree.


As in all types of mentoring relationships, Executive Mentoring offers opportunities for mentorees to further develop and implement career goals. The skills of your company’s employees and executives are your most valuable assets. Executive mentoring programs provide a means of cultivating those skills throughout your organization. 

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