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Things To Consider When Choosing eMentoring Software

Posted on Mon, Apr, 02, 2012

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Last time, we wrote about the Benefits of eMentoring Software. In today's post, we will share important things to consider when choosing an eMentoring Software.

-What was the eMentoring platform built on? Is it a true mentoring platform or a coaching platform? The difference is that a platform built on mentoring will focus on how to develop a relationship. A platform built on coaching will focus on measurement, performance, statistics, and results.

 -What technology is being used? Is it the latest or is it outdated? If you are unsure, ask what’s involved if you want to make a change to any part of the system. How easy is it do? How quickly can it be done? How expensive would it be? 

-Focus on the critical benefits as opposed to the bells and whistles. For example:

Critical benefit:

  • How is matching accomplished?
  • What is necessary for an effective match to be accomplished?
  • How flexible or how rigid is the system with regard to matching? This is the most critical piece of an e-mentoring software because if you don’t create a good match the rest doesn’t matter.

Bells and Whistle:

  • Assessment on mentors/mentoree’s beforehand. This sounds good, but it really doesn’t mean anything because essentially people have already been assessed prior to implementing the software. Why would you need another one? And it doesn’t enhance the match. It’s an extra unnecessary step that costs money.
  • The system provides resources to guide the pairs to develop an effective relationship. Most systems will do that but the problem is most people don’t use the resources. Therefore, we would suggest that this is not a critical benefit of an E-mentoring software system. 


You may have a lot of questions about eMentoring software. If you are interested in a free demo of Management Mentors eMentoring Software, Maximizing Success: Creating Effective Mentoring Relationships, or have general questions about another eMentoring software that you are considering, please feel free to contact us.

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