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Announcing Our Latest Ebook: Executive Mentoring 101

Posted on Wed, May, 16, 2012

executive mentoringWe are pleased to announce our Executive Mentoring resource manual! Executive Mentoring 101 is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as an ebook.  

Executive Mentoring 101 is focused on the unique aspects involved when CEO's and VP's mentor in a formal program.  It also involves understanding the difference between mentoring and other types of developmental relationships (i.e. coaching, etc.).

This workbook serves as a go-to resource for executive mentors. Within its pages, you'll find insights into executive mentoring core competencies and relationship competencies, details about the executive mentor's role, and common challenges facing executive mentors (and how to overcome them). In addition, this workbook also provides plenty of resources, including access to helpful downloadable documents on the Management Mentors website.

Based on my deep expertise in the mentoring field along with twenty-plus years "in the trenches" of designing and implementing business mentoring programs, Executive Mentoring 101 will be the perfect companion for any executive mentor who is about to embark on a mentoring journey.

Below is the Table of Contents that outlines the topics discussed along with valuable resources in the Appendix section. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about Executive Mentoring.

Table of Contents

Section 1 What is Mentoring?

  • Formal and informal
  • Individual and group
  • Coaching and mentoring
Section 2 Executive mentoring core competencies
  • Visioning
  • Strategic thinking
  • High-level leadership
  • High-level challenges
  • Professional and personal balance
  • Ethical thinking
  • People, company and customer focus (PCC)
  • Issues of diversity - global, local and organizational
  • Understanding the business world and the company's role within it
  • Achievement orientation
Section 3 Executive mentoring relationship competencies
  • Creating and maintaining a safe harbor
  • Facilitating instead of managing
  • Transforming instead of cloning
  • Communicating instead of lecturing
  • Managing expectations
  • Developing and evaluating in balance
  • Being authentic and acting with integrity
Section 4 Role of the executive mentoree
  • Listening beyond the words
  • Thinking strategically
  • Taking risks
  • Enhancing emotional maturity
  • Keeping confidences
  • Managing expectations
Section 5 Common Challenges
  • Politics of executive mentoring
  • Building trust and confidentiality
  • Looking at the whole person - diversity in action
  • Frequency and quality of contact
  • Political fallout
  • Political coattails
  • Unreasonable expectations
  • Rules of management engagement
Section 6 Closing thoughts

Section 7 Appendix-mentoring resources
  • Mindful Listening
  • Asking questions-topical resources
  • Mentoring agreement form
  • Observing the mentoree form
  • Guided feedback form
  • Learning links form
  • Engaging in the personal - script
  • Contact feedback form
  • Quarterly feedback form
  • Mentoring communication styles
  • Completing the Mentoring Program-Executive Mentor module
  • Completing the Mentoring Program-Mentoree module
  • Sample agreement on proprietary information

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