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Group Mentoring 101: What It Is

Posted on Mon, Jun, 04, 2012

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group mentoringGroup mentoring is when one mentor is paired with 5+ mentorees.  The group typically meets together once a month, every other month, or once a quarter.

Group mentoring is usually used when one-on-one mentoring may not be an option because there are few mentors available but a large number of mentorees in an organization. If individual mentoring relationships cannot be, group relationships are another model of mentoring that can also be very effective.

  • Group mentoring combines the models of peer mentoring and senior mentoring.
  • The mentor is usually senior to the mentorees and, therefore, he/she facilitiates the group.
  • Group mentoring is also very useful in bringing senior management into the group discussion in an organization.
  • The mentorees are typically peers who benefit from getting outlook from one another as well.

Since many mentors may not have experience in group dynamics, Management Mentors does offer resources that can guide the mentor step-by-step in group mentoring relationships. For more information on Group Mentoring, check out our resources below.

 group_mentoring_course group_mentoring_resource

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