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4 Tips For Effective Group Mentoring

Posted on Thu, Jun, 07, 2012

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There is a big difference between one-on-one mentoring and group mentoring. In group mentoring mentorees sacrifice a private, confidential relationship with their mentor but gain insight into group dynamics.

What a mentoree may experience in a traditional one-on-one relationship is not what he/she will experience in a group. However, a group mentoring experience can be just as transformational for mentorees. In group mentoring, mentorees learn to trust the group. They also learn much about group dynamics.

The following are 4 Tips For Effective Group Mentoring:

1. Group norms need to be established and agreed upon:

  • How often will we meet?
  • What to do with group members who are late?
  • What to do with group members who are disruptive?
  • Who will create the agenda?
  • Who will take notes?

2. Managing the relationships within the group

  • Are there sides being taken?
  • Are there cliques being established?
  • How is the group going to deal with that?

3. Ending the group

Any issues that have come to the surface throughout the process need to be resolved before the group sessions come to an end. Never end a group mentoring session with upset members with unresolved issues. Issues must be resolved for people to move on.

4. Cardinal Rule of Group Mentoring: Group mentorees should not have individual access to the mentor unless everyone else has that access.



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