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Women Mentoring-espnW Supports Global Sports Mentoring Program

Posted on Mon, Jun, 25, 2012

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espnW has joined forces with the State Department and Hillary Rodham Clinton, US Secretary of State, who announced a Global Sports Mentoring Program which focuses on mentoring young girls and women around the globe.

This announcement is an exciting initiative and relates to what we do at Management Mentors. Women and mentoring is an important topic, not only in sports, but also in business. Empowering girls and young women through sports will help women to transform their lives. This transformation is evident in self-confidence, strength, resilience, and competitive ability.

Paraphrasing what Clinton said during her press conference are qualities which relate to women and sports AS WELL AS women and business. Beneath each paraphrase, we have included some resources that Management Mentors offers in relationship to women and mentoring in business (but as you will see, both are inter-changeable!):

-HRC: The mentoring program will bring people together against barriers of all kinds including national, racial, cultural, and gender barriers. 

MM: For more information on Management Mentors diversity training, click here.

-HRC: Women who are mentored develop a better understanding and respect for other women.

-HRC: Qualities like becoming stronger, tougher, more confident, and more resilient are a result of participating in sports (and mentoring!). These are qualities that stay with you for a lifetime.

-HRC: Being part of a team, learning how to lose, having the ability to find out what you are made of, learning how to get up and keep going. Sports teaches women that and more.

MM: Group mentoring offers team learning in the workplace.

-HRC: Girls and women around the world have a burning desire to participate, but they don't have the chance to play, to compete, to prove themselves.

-HRC: Support opening up more doors for women.

-HRC: Through mentoring and networking, we support the rise of women.

MM: Women and mentoring is an important topic for business. Whether you are a women looking for mentoring, or work with women, do not discount this importance of women to women mentoring. 

At Management Mentors, we are thrilled about this collaboration between espnW and The U.S. State Department. Mentoring is an important developmental tool for women in sports and for their futures no matter where they may lead. Congratulations to them on the program and for bringing the topic of women mentoring women into the national spotlight!



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