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Rene Petrin hosting Mentoring Webinar Thursday, July 12, 2012

Posted on Wed, Jul, 11, 2012

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Rene Petrin, President and Founder of Management Mentors, will be hosting a live webinar this Thursday, July 12, 2012  at 10:00AM PST / 1:00PM EST titled:

Best Practices for Creating a Professional Mentoring Program

Mentoring is becoming increasingly recognized as one of the most powerful strategies in helping new employees transition to a new company, in assisting existing employees to grow within the organization and is probably the most important strategy for diversity initiatives.  

Many people feel that mentoring is clearly understood, when it often isn't and, as a result, a bad mentoring program can lead to employees getting upset and, in some cases, deciding to leave the company.

If you're thinking about mentoring or have a mentoring program and want to make it better, this program will provide you with useful insights and ideas. 

Why you should attend: Have an expert outline the key components for creating a professional mentoring program. We will cover the basics based upon our 250 best practices standards. Attending this program will allow you to better understand what's involved in creating and implementing a professional mentoring program. If you are thinking of creating a program, this will give you a good foundation for how to do it. If you have an existing program and want to improve it, it will give you useful ideas. 

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • What to consider in designing?
  • What kind of mentoring model is best for you?
  • What to consider in matching?
  • What do you cover in training?
  • What kind of follow-up do you do with pairs?
  • How do you measure success?
  • What is the role of the Mentoring Program Manager?
  • What technology supports mentoring?

Who Will Benefit:

  • VPs of HR
  • Diversity
  • Training and Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Knowledge managers

It's simple to register for the webinar, just click this link or visit TrainHR's* website.


*TrainHR is a comprehensive Human Resources training solutions provider. In offering trainings that are valuable, yet cost effective, TrainHR is the ideal medium for Human Resources professionals. HR professionals benefit in numerous ways from these trainings: they can earn continuing education credits from renowned authorities/associations/organizations; they can get expert advice, and get to have the flexibility of viewing recorded webinars at their convenience. Another of the bountiful advantages TrainHR offers is the online interactive participation feature, by which professionals from any part of the world have the opportunity to listen to and converse with some of the best-known experts in the HR Industry. 

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