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3 Reasons to Make Mentoring Part of Your Business Development Strategy

Posted on Thu, Jul, 26, 2012

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In today’s competitive global market, talent is the most important asset an organization has. Employees are the face, the voice, and the overall personality of an organization. Through them, a company communicates with potential and current customers, achieves sales, and grows. 

One of the most important strategies in your business development should be a mentoring program because it applies in a variety of ways to developing your talent. Here are 3 reasons to make mentoring part of your business development strategy:

  1. Mentoring is a great tool for onboarding new employees that you’ve invested money in recruiting by linking them with a mentor who takes a personal interest in their career and can help them with the challenges in their career.
  2. Successor plans should always include a mentoring program because it deepens the development of the mentoree by exposing them to the experience and knowledge of the company’s experts. 
  3. With baby boomers retiring, companies are losing the expertise that these individuals have at an alarming rate. Mentoring allows a company to institutionalize that knowledge to the younger generation that is responsible for the company’s future success.

So when thinking about business development, think about mentoring as a partner for your future success. 

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