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Why You Should Be A Mentor!

Posted on Fri, Aug, 24, 2012

becoming a mentor

Every one of us has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and wisdom that, when passed on, makes everyone's life better. A mentor not only gives a great deal to a mentoree but also gains in exchange.  Here are some of the statements mentors have made about their mentoring experience:

  • I think I gained more than I gave because I learned so much from my mentoree.
  • My mentoree is from a different area of the company and I had no contacts in that area. Now I have created a network with my mentoree that makes it easier to resolve issues.
  • I learned to listen better and feel that I am also now a better manager because of it.
  • In sharing my knowledge and expertise with my mentoree, I began to more fully appreciate how much I really do know.
  • I gained valuable insight into the struggles of women in our organization and how I can help remove some of the barriers that currently exist. Since my mentoree was close in age to my daughters, I understand them better as well.
  • What started out as a good professional relationship has developed into a wonderful friendship that will continue beyond the formal mentoring program.
  • As I was helping my mentoree reflect on some key career and personal issues, it caused me to do my own self-reflection so this proved to be an extremely valuable mentoring experience for me.
  • I was skeptical at first about being paired with someone from another area that I knew little about but our differences really enriched our experience by learning from one another. We had a lot more in common than I first thought.
  • It was really personally satisfying to observe my mentoree grow as a result of our discussions and to know that I was part of that process in helping her.
  • I was concerned about the artificiality of formal matching and meetings but all the planning really did help create a successful relationship that felt natural as opposed to forced.
  • I asked my mentoree to observe me in my manager role at various points during our relationship and found the feedback truly helpful in helping me to be a better manager.

If any of these statements resonate with you, please consider volunteering to be a mentor to someone at work or a student - chances are high that you will have a wonderful experience!

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