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Mentoring Webinar This Tuesday, September 18

Posted on Mon, Aug, 27, 2012

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Our very own, Rene Petrin, will be hosting a webinar this Tuesday, September 18 at 10AM PST / 1:00 EST on How Technology Can Help or Hinder Your Mentoring Program. Come check it out!

mentoring technology webinar 

Today's mentoring programs are increasingly being created using an online system and the latest technology to communicate. Having such a system allows a Mentoring Program Manager to be able to recruit participants more easily, gather important matching data, use an objective algorithm to match and more easily and quickly manage your pairs. 


This webinar will show you how these things are done using an online and how other technologies can help or hinder. 


Why should you attend: This webinar will demonstrate the capabilities of an online mentoring system and provide insight on what to look for when seeking to add technological capabilities to your mentoring program. Traditional paper and pencil systems take a lot of time on the part of the Mentoring Program Manager. Now you can have a more effective program with more participants and less labor intensity. 


Areas Covered in the Session:

  • View 3 models of mentoring:
    • Managed mentoring
    • Self-directed mentoring
    • Group mentoring
  • How to recruit your participants
  • Sample information that should be captured in a matching form
  • How does technology do the matching
  • You've matched, now how do you maintain ongoing contact with your participants to ensure success

Who Will Benefit:

  • VPs and Heads of HR
  • IT
  • Training & Development
  • Diversity
To register for this webinar, click this link.

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