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Announcing Anytime Mentoring-A Knowledge Share Solution!

Posted on Thu, Oct, 04, 2012

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For years, our valued customers have offered us feedback about the value of mentoring and ways that we could improve our mentoring program offerings. Here are some of the comments that have caught our attention and got our wheels churning:

  • We would be interested in expanding mentoring within the organization without having to spend a large amount of time matching and managing pairs.
  • My company only seems to care about mentoring the special few: new leaders, hi potentials etc.
  • Although our company has a program in place, mentoring is not being offered to all employees.
  • Although not everyone has the time for a full blown mentoring relationship, a less time consuming relationship where knowledge share between employees takes place would be welcomed.

At Management Mentors, we recognize that this is a component that is necessary for some companies either as a stand-alone mentoring program or as an add-in to an existing mentoring program like MentoringComplete. 

Management Mentors is proud to announce Anytime Mentoring as a solution to the challenge of knowledge sharing among co-workers.

Anytime Mentoring is mentoring that gives a company the ability to expand mentoring throughout the organization and gives the company the ability to tap into its rich employee talent so that it gets shared with everyone, breaks down silo mentalities and creates a level playing field for all employees to be able to develop into more productive and loyal employees.

Think of Anytime Mentoring as “short-term” mentoring that can happen anywhere, at any place, with anyone. You needn’t go through the typical matching prerequisites that a formal match requires. The only matching requirement needed is that someone has expertise in a certain area and is willing to share that expertise with someone who is willing to learn it.

Anytime Mentoring is:

  • Designed around the concept of "knowledge share" and allows your employees to easily identify who has what skills and expertise so they can learn from one another.
  • Social learning with an intuitive interface that's similar to other popular social networks.
  • Entirely web-based -- all you need is Internet access and a browser. This makes it the perfect solution for virtual work environments or people spread out across different offices, branches, states, and even continents.
To learn more about Anytime Mentoring, or to sign up for a free demo, please click the button below. We feel confident that Anytime Mentoring will bridge the gap and provide a mentoring solution that has been missing for so many.
Here's to your company's "anytime" mentoring success!
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