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What are the benefits of mentoring?

Posted on Wed, Nov, 14, 2012

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Mentoring benefits the organization, mentors and mentorees. A successful mentoring program benefits your organization by:

  • Enhancing strategic business initiatives
  • Encouraging retention
  • Reducing turnover costs
  • Improving productivity
  • Breaking down the "silo" mentality that hinders cooperation among company departments or divisions.
  • Elevating knowledge transfer from just getting information and to retaining the practical experience and wisdom gained from long-term employees.
  • Enhancing professional development.
  • Linking employees with valuable knowledge and information to other employees in need of such information
  • Using your own employees, instead of outside consultants, as internal experts for professional development
  • Supporting the creation of a multicultural workforce by creating relationships among diverse employees and allowing equal access to mentoring.
  • Creating a mentoring culture, which continuously promotes individual employee growth and development.

Mentors enjoy many benefits, including:
  • Gains insights from the mentoree’s background and history that can be used in the mentor’s professional and personal development.
  • Gains satisfaction in sharing expertise with others.
  • Re-energizes the mentor’s career.
  • Gains an ally in promoting the organization’s well-being.
  • Learns more about other areas within the organization.

Mentorees enjoy many benefits, including:
  • Gains from the mentor’s expertise
  • Receives critical feedback in key areas, such as communications, interpersonal relationships, technical abilities, change management and leadership skills
  • Develops a sharper focus on what is needed to grow professionally within the organization
  • Learns specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to personal goals
  • Networks with a more influential employee
  • Gains knowledge about the organization’s culture and unspoken rules that can be critical for success; as a result, adapts more quickly to the organization’s culture
  • Has a friendly ear with which to share frustrations as well as successes.
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