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Transformational Mentoring

Posted on Thu, Dec, 13, 2012

One of the books that most influenced my mentoring practice was written in 1999 by Julie Hay called Transformational Mentoring:  Creating Developmental Alliances for Changing Organizational Cultures.  

In her book she talks about levels of learning:

  • Traditional level learning is about how to do things.  This is closest to what we call coaching and teaching.
  • Transitional learning is about doing things differently.  This type of learning comes closest to what we might call counseling..the mentoree accesses levels of awareness and comes to terms with change.
  • Transformational learning is learning at the deepest level.  The mentoree not only changes his/her perspective as in transitional learning but also has an awareness of the process by which they are doing so.

In each of the above, the mentor plays a different role:

  • Traditional level learning the mentor is an expert, coach, teacher
  • Transitional learning the mentor is more of a wise counselor
  • Transformational level the mentor is more a facilitator of learning

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in understanding how mentors and mentorees learn within the mentoring relationship.

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