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5 Key Roles Mentors Play

Posted on Wed, Dec, 19, 2012

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Roles Mentors PlayWhen we match mentors and mentorees, one of our matching criteria is to ascertain what role a mentor prefers to play in the relationship and what role a mentoree prefers their mentor to play.  There are basically 5 roles mentors play:


1. Teacher:  This involves modeling behavior, providing information, etc., to understand better what the mentoree is seeking from the mentoring relationship.


2. Sponsor:  This involves helping the mentoree to open doors, referring the mentoree to others, promoting the mentoree's talents.


3. Cheerleader:  This involves inspiring the mentoree to achieve what they can, challenging the mentoree in their assumptions and encouraging them in their development.


4. Counselor:  This involves listening, probing to discover the key issues affecting the mentoree's success, clarifying, and advising.


5. Friend:  This involves accepting the mentoree for who they are and engaging in a more personal relationship that supports the mentoree in their personal and professional growth.


What role would you prefer in your mentoring relationship?




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