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The Role of Mentors in Talent Reviews

Posted on Tue, Feb, 05, 2013

corporate mentoringI was recently training a group of mentors who are at the Vice President level when the issue came up about what role does a mentor play in talent review?  In other words, should a mentor provide feedback during talent review of his/her mentoree in addition to having the mentoree's manager provide feedback?

The short answer is "No".  The fundamental building block for successful mentoring is to have a completely confidential relationship.  This extends especially in the area of talent review meetings.  Granted, that a mentor may have valuable information about the mentoree that the company would like to access but it is really the mentoree's manager who should be providing this info. 

If a company allows mentors to comment on talent reviews there will be two specific side effects:

1.  It will have a stifling effect on mentorees sharing the real issues that impact their success if they know this information will be shared with upper management.

2.  Should a talent review committee opt to support the mentor's recommendations rather than the mentoree's manager, mentoree managers will feel undermined by the program and this will have a bad effect on the program.

So, put responsibility for talent management reviews where they belong--on the shoulders of an employee's manager and not the mentor.


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