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How to Get Management to Buy-In To A Corporate Mentoring Program

Posted on Thu, Mar, 07, 2013

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When you're trying to get buy-in from upper management to invest in corporate mentoring, you seldom do so without questions regarding ROI and bottom lines. These key points can help you to present the value a corporate mentoring program—if done right—can impart on a company, its culture, and its people. For even further detail, download our free white paper The Well Leveraged Corporate Mentoring Program: Understanding How to Leverage Yours In Order to Attract, Develop, and Keep Top Talent by clicking the first button below.


Attracting Talent & Fueling Growth

Well-designed corporate mentoring programs can support a variety of initiatives, including the following:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Periods of intense, disruptive high growth
  • Change management
  • C-suite succession planning
  • Board director development through “onboarding” mentorships. 

Developing Talent in the 21st Century

Demand for "traditional" mentoring programs remains, but more and more companies see the benefits in programs that can help with new topics that are gaining traction:

  • Diversity: Leadership development programs and diversity awareness building
  • Women at work: issues in work/life balance and leadership development
  • “Onboarding” and managing Millennials
  • Integrating Globalization 

Fostering Innovation

  • As large companies try to transform their corporate cultures to be more entrepreneurial and less intellectually restrictive, mentoring has evolved as an effective strategy to support innovative thinking and workplaces.
  • At the same time, the mentoring program itself needs to be innovative; online mentoring systems keep a 24/7, Internet- based workforce engaged and on track. 


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