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Today's job candidates seek development and mentoring programs

Posted on Fri, Apr, 26, 2013

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A great job candidate wants to develop not only for his personal career goals, but also for the goals of the company.corporate mentoring

In a recent article by, "7 Questions Great Candidates Ask" the author discusses the difference between job candidates that don't ask any questions, the candidates that ask very basic questions, and the candidates that ask more detailed questions. 

I found the types of questions he listed very interesting and thought our mentoring-minded audience would appreciate what they have to do with leadership, training and development, and mentoring programs. Also, if these questions are asked by GREAT candidates, what does that say about the potential employment pool?

Today's job candidates seek training and development programs, leadership development programs, and mentoring programs to be personally successful and to bring the company success.


The 7 Questions Great Candidates Ask:

1. Why did the previous job holder leave?

2. What are the training and development opportunities?

3. What is the career progression potential at your business?

4. What is the company culture at the business?

5. What is your personal management style?

6. How do you plan to deal with changes in the market?

7. How do your employees wind down? 


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