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What is “knowledge share” and how does it relate to mentoring?

Posted on Tue, May, 28, 2013

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Formal mentoring is something that happens between two people (a mentor and mentoree) over a period of 9 to 12 months. While the sharing of knowledge certainly happens to some degree between mentor and mentoree, the mentor’s function isn’t necessarily to teach the mentoree a specific skill, such as using Twitter. Often, the goals are more ambitious (e.g. develop leadership skills), whereas knowledge share tasks are typically hyper-focused.

Think of knowledge share as “short-term” mentoring that can happen anywhere, at any place, with anyone. You needn’t go through the typical matching prerequisites that a formal match requires. The only matching requirement needed is that someone has expertise
in a certain area and is willing to share that expertise with someone who is willing to learn it.

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