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How should my organization create a pilot mentoring program?

Posted on Tue, Jun, 04, 2013

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pilot mentoring programThe Mentoring Program Manager (MPM) forms a task force of 6-8 people. Members of the task force should represent a cross-section of the organization, including potential mentors and mentorees, supervisory personnel, and any stakeholders who can bring value to the process. For example, a representative from Human Resources might help tie department goals with the goals of the mentoring program.

The task force:

• Determines the goals of the program
• Chooses the proper mentoring model
• Selects criteria for mentors and mentorees
• Defines other critical components of the program • Interviews potential candidates
• Matches participants
• Evaluates results at the end of the pilot program 


For more detailed information about how to create a pilot mentoring program, check out our free white paper:


pilot mentoring program

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