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How a knowledge share program can help with talent management

Posted on Thu, May, 16, 2013

knowledge shareKnowledge sharing is a very big buzzword in talent development these days. And even though people are beginning to understand that an organization has a wealth of knowledge and expertise residing in its employee population, this knowledge is frequently overlooked and untapped. 

Getting the most value out of your investment—your employees—and helping them to develop means finding ways to share their expertise among all of your employees.

Anytime Mentoring, our online software system, is an easy way to access and tap into those valuable resources. Anytime Mentoring is a software that’s built on social networking media, and it is used to tie the connections that people make to a company’s competencies.

For example, a company is likely to have employees with leadership proficiencies, and so if a mentoree wants to find a mentor with leadership competency they would create a project in Anytime Mentoring, and then search on that competency for an appropriate mentor.

This type of process allows any employee at any point in time to reach out to experts within the organization to build relationships, whether mentoring or coaching, and to take control of their own development.

Sharing the organization’s competencies are critical for the companies’ future growth. As technology continues to grow, talent management professionals will find increasingly new ways of using that technology in creative ways to increase a company’s return on investment. 

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knowledge share

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