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Your Mentoring Program Should Foster a Safe Mentoring Environment

Posted on Mon, Jul, 08, 2013

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Mentoring is a developmental relationship, one where feelings, thoughts, and emotions comeinto play. In order for honest discussions to take place, both the mentor and mentoree must feel safe—safe with one another and safe in the overall environment. The Mentoring Program Manager should encourage the mentor and mentoree to jointly create an environment whereby both can share the “real” issues and the “real” obstacles they have or are encountering. When mentors and mentorees feel safe and trust one another to share these sorts of thoughts and experiences, true transformation can take place—for both of them. 

Have you ever been part of a work relationship that didn't feel safe? Mentoring or otherwise? If you have, you know how important this attribute is. 

Business mentoring can foster career advancement for both mentors and mentorees. For more information, check out our free resource below. 

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