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How do successful executives learn their most important leadership lessons?

Posted on Thu, Aug, 01, 2013

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Are you familiar with Dan McCarthy's blog Great Leadership by Dan? Dan's blog covers a wide variety of HR and leadership development topics. He also highlights guest bloggers. In fact, our very own Rene Petrin wrote a guest blog post for Dan titled How to Find a Business Mentor Who'll Help You Achieve Your Leadership Goals.

Dan recently wrote a fantastic blog post titled Leadership Development "Moneyball" that we felt we must share with our readers. In this post, Dan shares some statistics on leadership development based on the book about the Oakland A's (and if you didn't read the book, maybe you saw the movie with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill).

One of the great statistics McCarthy shares is:

"Successful executives learn their most important leadership lessons through...other people (bosses, coaches, mentors, etc.)."

You can check out the full blog post here.

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