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Does Your Company Have a Mentoring Philosophy?

Posted on Wed, May, 06, 2015

mentoring philosophyAt Management Mentors, we believe that mentoring is about building a trusting, transformational relationship promoting the sharing of personal experience and the transmission of knowledge and insight. The result is a relationship creating a developmental learning environment with opportunities for both mentor and mentoree to stretch beyond his or her boundaries within a safe environment.

Does your organization have a corporate mentoring program? If so, do you know your company's mentoring philosophy? If not, feel free to share this post with your mentoring program manager. This is meant as a starting point. Your company can edit/tweak it as it relates to your company's beliefs.

Mentoring Philosophy

  • Mentoring is about having a transformational relationship not only about gaining skills, knowledge or expertise.  This is what makes mentoring different from coaching and managing.
  • We believe that the role of a mentor is to 'empower' a mentoree by leading the mentoree away from dependence upon the mentor so as to assume full independence and self-confidence. 
  • We believe that technology can aid in mentoring but cannot replace the interpersonal relationship that makes mentoring unique. Online systems can be an important tool, when appropriate, as a means of enhancing the relationship.  Our technology components have been developed based upon this philosophy.
  • We believe that mentoring is the most powerful and effective strategy for professional development within an organization.  We remain committed to this sole enterprise for Management Mentors.  We are one of the few consultants who focus exclusively on mentoring and our brand is the most valuable thing we own.
  • Mentoring to be successful must be adaptable and reflect the specific culture of a company and must be built upon that company’s values and core competencies. We listen to our clients to make certain that the programme is truly “theirs”.
  • Diversity both in a broad and a specific sense informs every mentoring project we engage in. Some of our programmes have focused on specific affinity groups while others have focused more broadly on diversity.  The decision as to which emphasis to make is based upon a client’s needs and readiness to engage in meaningful dialogue around issues of diversity.  We believe that mentoring respects the diversity of each employee and, in doing so, creates a culture that is accepting and mutually beneficial. When this occurs, customers are the ultimate beneficiaries.
  • As entrepreneurs we are constantly seeking to be innovative and leaders in the mentoring field. We are committed to creating standards for mentoring practice in order to bring quality control to the mentoring field. 


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