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New Mentoring Course: Group Mentoring for Mentors

Posted on Tue, Nov, 01, 2016

Group_mentoringWe're thrilled to announce our newest online mentoring course: Group Mentoring for Mentors.

Group mentoring is becoming more and more popular, thanks in part to Millennials. As a result, mentors who are used to mentoring only individuals need to rethink and readjust their approach.

We designed our new online course with these things in mind. In this mentoring class, you will learn the following:

  • How group mentoring differs from others group (e.g. a team, a management group, an educational group, etc.)
  • The ins and out of the group mentoring system, including the following:
    • The stages in a groupbuy now.png
    • The role of the Facilitative Mentoring Group Leader
    • The role of the Content Expert Mentoring Group Leader
    • Roles of participants
    • Emotional issues in groups
  • Group mentoring techniques, including the following:
    • Establishing group norms
    • Establishing confidentiality and other ground rules
    • Common challenges and strategies


In addition, we provide a thorough section filled with resources you can use right away, including…

  • First meeting agenda
  • Group norm checklist
  • Group meeting observation sheet
  • Individual feedback form for quarterly meetings
  • Bringing closure form

For those who mentor a group, this course will provide information and resources that will maximize your group outcomes.

REMINDER: this mentoring course is web-based. All you need is an Internet connection. Take it from the comfort of your office or home or wherever.

The course is only $189 and is available now through Mentoring University. If you take it, let us know what you think of it.

Here's to your mentoring success!

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