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Real Advice from Mentors to Mentorees

Posted on Tue, May, 19, 2015

advice mentors to mentorsRecently I conducted a quarterly session with a group of mentors and the following are key points they wanted me to convey to mentorees at their quarterly session. You may find these helpful to share as well:

  • Be clear on what you need and want – you drive the process
  • Do not leave the mentor in the position where they are trying to figure out or drive your needs
  • Allow yourself to be fully vulnerable to develop and grow
  • Remove titles from your mentor’s position and see them just as they are; there for you as a mentor
  • Leverage the relationship not just during your scheduled meetings – utilize them at any time you need assistance, guidance, advise, feedback, or support
  • Everything does not have to be done in a formal process – informal when needed can be powerful for you
  • The program is not just solely about your development plan – greatest part of the relationship is getting advice/support in other areas like personal issues, case study, peer relationships, work balance, etc.
  • Your engagement in the process will determine what you get out of it

Follow this advice and watch your relationship bloom. Feel free to use this list as part of your mentoring training or check out our mentoring training e-learning courses:

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