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Say Hello to the NEW Mentoring University

Posted on Thu, Mar, 17, 2016

Mentoring University is the educational arm of our company, and we gave it a makeover in January.MU.png

Mentoring comes naturally to most people. No doubt, we've all done some informal mentoring in our lives at some point. But a formal mentoring relationship requires additional instruction and insight. And that's what Mentoring University is all about—it provides cost-effective resources that will help deepen your understanding of mentoring. Think e-learning courses, ebooks, and webinars.

Our new Mentoring University site accomplishes several goals:

  • First, it better reflects our brand. If you jump between the Management Mentors website, the MentoringComplete website, and the Mentoring University website, you'll feel "at home" on each.
  • Second, the new Mentoring University site is much easier to navigate. We've simplified everything from a site architecture perspective because, let's face it: no one likes to fall down a rabbit hole when trying to find a solution to a problem.
  • Third, it houses all of our paid products in one place.

Not sure where to begin on Mentoring University?

If you're not sure where to begin, here are two suggestions:

Our e-learning course Maximizing Mentoring Success is ideal for anyone who's going to be entering into a mentoring relationship, since it speaks to mentors and mentorees. It's only $79 and takes anywhere from 2-5 hours to complete. All you need is Internet access, so you can take the course on your desktop, laptop, tablet, even your phone. You'll walk away having a better understanding of what to expect in a mentoring relationship and how to operate in one as a mentor or mentoree.

Our short ebook, Mentoring: A Business Strategy That Works, is a fabulous primer for any organization that is new to mentoring. It's available on Amazon, B&N, and iBooks, and it's only $2.99 (yes, you read that correctly).

If you start with one of those, you'll be better prepared to mentor, to be mentored, or to lay the groundwork for creating a mentoring program in your organization.

Definitely check out Mentoring University soon and let us know what you think.

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