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The Ideal Mentoree Profile

Posted on Wed, Sep, 20, 2017

Earlier this month, we talked about what mentors do, and through this discussion, we built an ideal mentor profile. Now, it's time to look at the ideal mentoree profile. Graduation hat vector against smiling pupil raising her hand.jpeg

The ideal mentoree will…

  • Be willing to take risks: A mentoree will be successful if they are willing to get out of the comfort zone, take reasonable risks, and flex their professional muscles. The latter could involve taking on new challenges, confronting difficult situations, etc.
  • Listen and take advice: Hearing what the mentor is really saying and seriously considering all advice is essential. This is most critical when it comes to receiving feedback regarding what areas the mentoree needs to address.
  • Take responsibility for learning: The mentoree (not the mentor) drives the mentoring relationship. The mentoree decides what advice to accept or reject, what course of action to follow, and what risks to take. The mentor's task is to guide the mentoree. Mentorees need to own their actions.

An effective mentoree will also be…

  • Open minded: The mentoree must be willing to consider other viewpoints and remain open to constructive criticism that can provide information about blind spots and how to deal with them successfully.
  • Motivated: The mentoree is the driver in this relationship and must accept that role. This means the mentoree must be motivated to stay engaged in this relationship and to work toward achieving results.
  • Courageous: Being a successful mentoree involves mustering the courage to share vulnerabilities with the mentor (which isn't always easy). The mentoree also exhibits courage when taking risks, taking on new challenges, and so forth.
  • Committed: Honoring appointments, arriving on time, and, most importantly, completing agreed upon tasks—these are crucial if a mentoree wants the mentor to feel that the investment of time and effort is worthwhile.

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