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The Succession Planning Process: 5 Ways Mentoring Can Help

Posted on Wed, Feb, 17, 2016

succession_planning_processDoes your organization have a good succession planning process in place to help employees transition out of the company and to assist those taking their place? It should. And mentoring should be at the core of this plan. Here's why.

  1. Mentoring fosters leadership. Up-and-coming talent can learn the leadership ropes under the watchful gaze of successful leaders serving as mentors. Your strongest leaders can impart their wisdom, their personal successes and failures, and their insights regarding the corporate culture—important things for future company leaders to learn. And if one (or more) leaders ends up leaving your company (for whatever reason), you'll always have a fresh crop of new leaders to assume the role.
  1. Mentoring can provide peace of mind for other people within the organization. Change is never easy, especially if a key member of the organization is leaving. But if employees know that the person who is leaving is also grooming his or her replacement, it can help ease people's minds about the upcoming changes.
  1. Mentoring provides the perfect bridge between retiring employees (or those gone on extended leaves) and those employees who'll be stepping up and filling a new role. The retiring employee can mentor the "rising" employee in critical areas related to the rising employee's new roles and responsibilities. Consider it the passing of the torch, if you will.
  1. Mentoring can be a great way for outgoing employees to wrap up their careers. If Marty plans to retire at the end of 2016 and he starts mentoring his protégé now, it can be a wonderful, positive way for Marty to end his tenure with the organization.
  1. Mentoring continues to work long after the succession planning process is over. Let's say Monica assumes a new leadership position after Judy retires. Monica is fully prepared for her new role, thanks to the succession planning process with its heavy emphasis on mentoring. In fact, Monica is so appreciative of what mentoring did for her career, she's eager to pay it forward by becoming a mentor herself.

Not only that, but some organizations run successful alumni programs where the outgoing employee continues to mentor employees long after retiring. Again, a win-win for everyone involved.

Do you need help creating a succession planning process that involves mentoring? We're happy to help. Contact us today and let's chat.

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