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How Do You Get Millennials Excited to Work for Your Company? Hint: Think Mentoring.

Posted on Mon, Jun, 16, 2014

Tags: Millennials, Attracting Top Talent

Harvard Biz Review recently posted an article titled "How Can Companies Attract the Best College Talent" by Sanjeev Agrawal at Collegefeed about college hiring strategies and tactics. Agrawal says that Collegefeed met with more than 300 companies that are looking to hire fresh, young talent.

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How do the "100 Best Companies To Work For" Attract Top Talent?

Posted on Thu, Jan, 30, 2014

Tags: Attracting Top Talent

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Retain Top Talent & See High ROI

Posted on Fri, Sep, 02, 2011

Tags: developing talent, Developing Employees, Attracting Top Talent

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Mentoring Can Help Your Company Attract the Best & Brightest Talent

Posted on Fri, Aug, 26, 2011

Tags: Attracting Top Talent, Talent Retention

Consider how your company currently attracts the best and brightest talent. Certainly, your organization’s reputation is a huge incentive for these eager and skilled men and women. However, can your company expect to survive strictly on its laurels? 

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The End of Coaching As We Know It!

Posted on Tue, Aug, 16, 2011

Tags: Developing Employees, Attracting Top Talent, Talent Retention

I have subscribed to an organization called Peer Resources for a number of years. This website has a lot of valuable and interesting articles on various types of mentoring and coaching. In their most recent online quarterly, the editor, Ray Carr, wrote a very interesting and enlightening article on what's wrong with coaching. I will summarize in this blog, but to get the full article, do go to their webpage and/or email Ray Carr at

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Talent Management And Why It's Important

Posted on Fri, May, 27, 2011

Tags: Developing Employees, Attracting Top Talent

In recent years, corporations have learned that high-quality talent management programs can help organizations across a wide variety of strategic imperatives such as:

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Employee Engagement and Mentoring

Posted on Fri, Apr, 08, 2011

Tags: Developing Employees, Corporate Mentoring Programs, Attracting Top Talent

A recent article by Gallup made the following statement:

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Why Do Some Companies Choose To Have A Pilot Mentoring Program?

Posted on Fri, Jan, 15, 2010

Tags: Corporate Mentoring, Business Mentoring FAQs, Attracting Top Talent

A pilot program is an exceptional way to introduce a mentoring initiative prior to rolling out a full mentoring program.  A pilot mentoring program is designed as a regular program but in a much smaller scale.  Usually, a Mentoring Program Manager forms a task force of 6-8 people. Members of the task force should represent a cross-section of the organization, including potential mentors and mentorees, supervisory personnel and any stakeholders who can bring value to the process. For example, a representative from Human Resources might help tie department goals with the goals of the mentoring program.

Responsibilities of the task force:

  • Determines the goals of the program
  • Chooses the proper mentoring model
  • Selects criteria for mentors and mentorees
  • Defines other critical components of the program
  • Interviews potential candidates
  • Matches participants
  • Evaluates results at the end of the pilot program

To learn more about how to implement a pilot mentoring program, or for assistance in designing one, click here.

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Interested in a Corporate Mentoring Consultation?

Posted on Wed, Nov, 25, 2009

Tags: Corporate Mentoring, Corporate Mentoring Tools, Attracting Top Talent

Through our mentoring consultations, we help your organization by providing the skills, experience, and perspective necessary to create, manage, and sustain a successful mentoring program.

Whether your focus is on succession planning, attracting talent, developing talent, promoting workplace diversity, or all four, Management Mentors is the most qualified consulting partner for your organization. Here are the areas we can specifically address in our mentoring consultations.

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You Need a Mentor! Michael Vick’s Reaction to Goodell’s Decision

Posted on Fri, Oct, 30, 2009

Tags: Mentors & Mentorees, Attracting Top Talent, Famous Mentors & Mentorees

This past summer, NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell had to decide if he was going to allow Michael Vick to return to the NFL.  After spending close to five hours meeting with Michael Vick, Roger decided to give him a conditional reinstatement to return to the NFL.  One of the conditions specified was that Michael Vick be assigned a mentor in his transition to being reinstated.  Former Indianapolis Colts head coach, Tony Dungy, agreed to be a part of the team that would help and mentor Michael Vick. Tony indicated that his role is solely to assist Michael with advice, direction and support during the evaluation process.  In a conference during the summer Michael Vick shared with everyone: “I’d like to say thank you to Commissioner Goodell, I want to say thank you to Tony Dungy for serving as my mentor and also being influential in my walk and helping redefine me as an individual and giving me the proper advice and being there and having an open dialog with me at all times. I want to say thank you to my agent, Joel Segal, who has been there through the ups and downs, through the hardest times in my life, Judy Smith as well as all the people who have contributed to my comeback.”  As we can see, mentors are essential in any type of environment.  Don’t wait for a misfortune to occur, give us a call today to see how we can help your organization start a new program or enhance a mentoring program you already have in place.

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